Why ePorfolios?

Attwell(2015) stated that "I think, was that official records of what people can do and what their skills are scanty and often not accessible and that people are often too shy to promote their own abilities." We are taught to be humble, not to brag or boast. In our careers, many of us are in classrooms executing strategies and lessons that could revolutionize education, but we are too shy, too humble, or too afraid to boast. However, an ePortfolio can highlight our successes and the experiences that moved us through a tough situation. I have found it very difficult coming out of corporate America where everyone is expressing their accomplishments for promotion; to education where everyone sits in classrooms and only collaborate during professional developments. The best teachers, work miracles with students but are too shy.

This is a form of social media that can change the way educators collaborate. Eportfolios can give educators a voice, extra income, and connections to peers in a variety of subjects. I have taught in a special education school for the last nine years dealing with behavior and transition. I am sure if we used eporfolios more I could find colleagues to discuss general issues and get inspiration and ideas to serve my students better. Yes, an eportfolio can showcase my skills but it also could be a resource so as times change we can share to help each other.


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