An eTool

Eportfolios are all new to me. I have not had the course EDLD 5302 so I will start from this course. I graduated college 20 years ago when computers were only desktops and no student owned one. We had to go to computer labs to have access to dial-up service. In the age of technology, this resource to document learning digitally is the way of the future. In the discussion of ePortfolios, many professionals do not use them after their years of study because we spend less time in academic study and more time studying our students, data, and accomplishing goals. So much of our professional development is made up of ideas we have to write into lesson plans and execute the information in real-time for the student's benefit. This does not give us time to do an academic review of articles and books we reference to help our students very often.

An ePortfolio is a great tool to document learning. I am glad to dedicate this time in my life to digital learning and to file my experiences and knowledge in an ePortfolio. This will be a change of pace but a great resource to reflect on my learning and capture how different resources can help me help my students.

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