Reflections of Digital Citizenship EDLD 5316

  • What did you learn about digital citizenship? Be specific.

In this course, I learned that there is a need to start digital citizenship early and teach it constantly as we integrate technology into our lessons. This topic should be a requirement as we teach. We should also teach the expectations for responsible use of any item, technology or otherwise.

I teach special needs adults across the spectrum of intelligence and physical ability in my current position, and I have never come in contact with one student who could responsibly use technology. It is even harder to grasp the concepts in this population, especially if the lessons are taught only in technology classes. These classes are usually not accessible to many of my students after middle school or elementary school. If these lessons were taught across subjects, they could learn how to use technology responsibly.

  • What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned in this course?

The most useful thing I learned through this course is the study of digital citizenship. I am grateful to know the up-to-date information and implementation of this information. I look up information on different platforms, websites, and hardware to help students in my classes. However, I am glad to know the overall concepts I should review with my students.

  • What have you learned in this course that will help you continue to grow as an educational leader?

As an educational leader, I have a structure to teach other educators how to integrate digital citizenship in different subjects from fine arts to science to help all students. This course will help me develop professional development for educators and support teachers with technology and digital citizenship within the curriculum.

  • What was your favorite aspect of this course? Why?

My favorite aspect of the course is the time I took to focus on this important aspect of K-12 education. This topic is usually left to only technology educational leaders. However, all educators should focus on digital citizenship to use technology in the classroom.

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