As I reviewed Examples of ePorfolios by Harapnuik(2019), a theme arose: the ePorfolios were or became a business page. This observation made me reflect on the many uses of ePorfolios. The ePortfolios shared of elementary or secondary students both became a means to make money. Levi Harapnuik(2020) ultimately used his page levibikes.com to raise money for his biking career. This type of connection is precisely what all educators and parents want for growing minds, to use the tools given to them to achieve success. E-portfolios are an avenue for people to make money doing and exploring the subjects that they enjoy. An ePortfolio and the skills one learns to make one is another tool students and adults can use to further their careers and lives. Ultimately, we want to brand ourselves to grow or help others do the same while also making a living doing what we enjoy.


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